7th International Congress of World Federation of Skull Base Societies

7th International Congress of World Federation of Skull Base Societies

Osaka, 14 - 17 Giugno 2016


Invitati del Gruppo Otologico:

  • Dott. Mario Sanna
  • Dott.ssa Alessandra Russo
  • Dott. Sampath Chandra Prasad Rao
  • Dott. Gianluca Piras

Informazioni Generali

  • Congress : 17th International Congress of the World Federation of Skull Base Societies
  • President : Kenji Ohata, M.D., Ph. D.
  • Date : June 15th (Wed)
  • Venue : Osaka International Convention Center
  • Request : one of two speaker for 25 minutes presentation (presentation 20min, Q&A 5min )
  • Moderator: Prof. Mitsuhiro Hasegawa (Fujita Health University)
  • Speaker : Prof. Mario Sanna (Otology, Neurotology & Skull Base Surgery Gruppo Otologico, Italy)
  • Speaker : Dr. Masamichi Kurosaki (Associate professor, Neurosurgery Tottori University Hospital)

Theme: Surgical strategic review for acoustic neuroma from the neurotological perspectives

Our Purpose:

  • Introducing world’s best strategy and experience from Dr. Sanna as an otologist/ introducing Japanese best practical efforts by Dr. Kurosaki collaborating with otologists.


  • Acoustic tumors have become to be a hot topic to collaborate neurosurgeons and otologists using their specialties. Theme of this seminar is acoustic tumors, and we would like to apply Dr. Sanna to introduce his strategy and real treatments as a skull base surgeon having a back ground of an otologist. And another speaker, a neurosurgeon who is collaborating with otologists, is going to speak about his strategy and experience as a practical case in Japan.

Programma completo

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